How to use KIRITORISEN ( @kiri_tori )
@okihuran ,the front man of TEAM KIRI_TORI

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International Versions


KIRITORISEN @kiri_tori,

or each of the international versions:


is a robot that tweets a time signal
with a beautiful dotted line.

(KIRITORISEN is a Japanese word that means "cut-here line".)

・When you follow @kiri_tori on Twitter, a cut-here line with the current time appears on your timeline every hour on the hour. When you look over the timeline, it looks separated by a line every hour and you can easily recognise when those who you are following tweeted.

・At 0 o'clock, @kiri_tori tweets the date.

・For those who prefer 24-hour colck or use certain applications for Twitter on the iPhone, we have released the Light Version, @k0_0t .
・For those who usually access Twitter on the mobile phone, we have released the Minimum Version, @k0_0m .

Lite Version( @k0_0t )
Minimum Version( @k0_0m )

Options ( Japanese Version Only )

・To make the cut-here line appear every 30 minutes, follow @kiri_tori and @kiri_toru.

・To make the cut-here line appear every 20 minutes, follow @kiri_tori and @kiri_tore.

・To make the cut-here line appear every 15 minutes, follow @kiri_tora@kiri_tori and @kiri_toru.

・To make the cut-here line appear every 10 minutes, follow @kiri_tori@kiri_toru@kiri_tore and @kiri_toro.

Available Area of @kiri_tori

Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Palau, East Timor ( UTC+9 )

International Versions

We have released some International Versions of @kiri_tori .

@kiri_tori_p8 , for UTC+8 Time Zone

Available in : Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Mongols, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan.

@kiri_tori_p7 , for UTC+7 Time Zone

Available in : Canbodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, West Indonesia, Christmas Islands.

@kiri_tori_ce : for Central European Time Zone

Available in : Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bergium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

@kiri_tori_uk : the current time in UK

Available in : UK, Ireland, Portugal, Canary Islands.

@kiri_tori_ny : the current time in New York

Available in : New York, Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington,D.C., Montreal, Ottawa, Tronto, etc.

@kiri_tori_la : the current time in Los Angeles

Available in : Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Auckland, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, etc.

・Every international version shows the time in 24-hour notation and the date in English.

・We regret that other international versions are temporarily unavailable because of the circumstances of the server computer.


Rarely the robot fails to contribute some statuses to Twitter. In many cases, that is caused by some problems at Twitter. Anyway,

we cannot take any responsibility for the missed tweets.

The technical maintenance of the server computer occasionally takes place.

During the maintenance, the robot stops working.

Perhaps we might inform you of the stop in advance, but we are very sorry that we cannot do always. We apologise for any inconvienience.


Design: @icconico
Program: @okihuran
Icon Editor: @d3gk

The original resource of the Icon is here.

Developer : TEAM KIRI_TORI

@okihuran、@icconico、 @d3gk

To contact us,
please write to @okihuran on Twitter,
in Japanese, English, French or Esperanto.

Special thanks to :


for the part of the script
to contribute a status to Twitter.
The source is here.

Peggy Pad

and lots of free software.