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'collegium musicum' is a term for a group of amateur musicians connected with a university. In Germany many 'collegium musicum's flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries, and they took the initiative in giving public concerts. Above all the one that was connected with Leipzig university is famous, and it is a well-known fact that Johann Sebastian Bach actively worked for the group, writing music, conducting them and playing with them.

'Collegium Musicum, Osaka' was founded by TOMA Shuichi in November 1975, being planned to act upon the principles of the former 'colleguim musicum'. Since then we have been giving 'Monthly Concert', with our other activities gradually developed. Now our orchestra and choir give 'Regular Concert' five or six times a year. In addition, we have recently been giving some 'Special concerts', including 'The series of contemporary music' and 'The series of Japanese choral music'. Now we are well-known as one of the busiest groups of musicians in Kansai area of Japan.

TOMA Shuichi, the chairman and conductor, and the choir completed concert tours of Europe in 1989, 1993, 1997 and 1998 to perform in many cities and towns in and around Germany, and each of the performances had a great impact on the audience. In the papers, the music critics highly appreciated their extraordinarily vivid performance with the admirable musicality and precise interpretation of the work.

Having confidence in the results, sine 1991 we have been releasing our CDs, which have been gaining great public favour. Above all 'H.Schütz/ Spiritual choral music (the complete pieces)' and 'H.Schütz/ St John Passion' have been given unstinted praise for the excellent performance.

Recently public interest in comtemporary music has been rising in Japan, so 'The series of contemporary music', planned to be given every spring or summer, has been attracting huge public attention.

'What is Collegium Musicum, Osaka?'

It is the group of musicians, founded by TOMA Shuichi, with the aim of playing, studying and spreading baroque music. What they are striving for most is the perfect performance in which choral music completely harmonises with instrumental music (including organ music).

'The activities of Collegium Musicum, Osaka' 'The idea of Collegium Musicum, Osaka'

Our aim is to play music, attaching importance to the origin of the work, considering the way of performance of the composer's day and digging up the actuality the work possesses, so as to strive for marrying society with music and increase music lovers who can cultivate a better understanding of music one another in the true sense.

'Heinrich Schütz Kammerchor, Osaka' / 'Collegium Musicum Chor, Osaka'

'Collegium Musicum Chor, Osaka' was founded as one of the few chamber choir in Kansai area of Japan by TOMA Shuichi in 1977. Now the choir includes The chamber choir 'Heinrich Schütz Kammerchor, Osaka', who play an important part of the choir's activity, and 'The vocal ensemble', who are supposed to act as professional singers.

The choir has been introducing lots of choral music in the Renaissance and baroque era, especially H.Schütz's work, which is undoubtedly marvellous but unpopular, under Mr Toma's charge in Kansai. For this reason it is regarded as a choir of distinguished services.

Moreover, the choir has been giving 'The series of contemporary music' since 1990 in order to introduce and spread contemporary choral music, showing its perfectly clear sound and harmony and elaborate ensemble.

In 1989 the choir successfully completed their first concert tour of Germany, followed by the concert tour of Europe in 1993 and other concert tours of Germany in 1997 and 1998, to win the highest praise of critics and newspapers in each city or town they performed in. In 1997 the Schütz Academy in Germany invited the choir to be the first Japanese group to pay an official visit to Schütz's house, which has resulted in their active interchange in future.

The choir has already released ten sets of CDs: 'J.S.Bach/ Mass in B minor', 'H.Schütz/ Funeral music', 'H.Schütz/ Spiritual choral music (the complete pieces)', 'H.Schütz/ St John Passion', 'The selection - the history of Osaka Collegium Musicum', 'The sound of Minao Shibata's work Vol.1', 'The sound of Minao Shibata's work Vol.2', 'Holy night (the selection of Christmas carols: produced by San Paolo AVC)', 'Toru Takemitsu/ Songs & Wind horse'. Especially, the series of 'The sound of Minao Shibata's work' have evoked a great responses: they have been recognised as the Specially Recommended Discs in the magazine, 'The art of recorded music'. Moreover, the 'Vol.1' has been nominated for the Academy Award of Recorded Music in the three categories: modern music, the work of Japanese composers, the performance of Japanese players, and the 'Vol.2' in the two categories: the work of Japanese composers, the performance of Japanese players.

The choir was awarded the Prize of Encouragement at the Cultural Festival in Osaka in 1996.

Now it is highly estimated as the choir with the highest technique and Outstanding skill of ensemble, and it is expected to play an active part in choral music not only in Kansai but also in Japan and in foreign countries.

'Symphonia Collegium Osaka'

It was founded as a chamber orchestra by TOMA Shuichi, an organist, in 1976. It consists of the graduates of colleges of music and the players who have received professional education of music in Kansai area of Japan.

The main activities are 'Monthly concert (given at Japan Luther's evangelical church, Tennoji, Osaka) and regular concerts given at Izumi Hall, Osaka.

The orchestra and Heinrich Schütz choir, Osaka have played J.S.Bach/ St John Passion, St Matthew Passion, Mass in B minor, Christmas Oratorio, Magnificat D major and many of his cantatas, G.F.Händel/ Israel in Egypt, Messiah, Beethoven/ Symphony No.9, Missa Solemnis, F.Schubert/ Missa No.6 and so forth.

The orchestra alone has played J.S.Bach/ Brandenburg concertos (the complete pieces), Suite for an orchestra No.3, W.A.Mozart/ Symphony No.38,39,41, Beethoven/ Symphony No.4,8, F.Poulenc/ Concerto for an organ, strings and kettledrums, A.Pärto/ Cantus - mourning over B.Britten's death, F.Delius/ Two short pieces for a small orchestra and so forth.

The style of performance including its original point of view with fine sense of the modern world appeals to lots of audience.

Some of the CDs of Collegium Musicum, Osaka

More (in Japanese language)

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'Shibata Minao sono hibiki 3/
The sound of Minao Shibata's work Vol.3',
containing 'Shizen ni tsuite/ Natural science', recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 28th September 1997, and 'Mugen koya/ Infinite field', recorded at 'Casals Hall' in Tokyo on 18th November 1997 'What is a human?' - Minao shibata inquires the great question using his music.

Live recording
Price ¥2,500

'Heinrich Schütz/ Geistliche Chormusik/
Spiritual choral music SWV369-397',
recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 19th March 1992 [Recommended by the magazine 'Rekoodo geijutsu/ The art of recorded music January 1993']

Live recording
(Sorry - sold out)

'Heinrich Schütz/ Johannes Passion SWV481 & Passions-Motetten SWV56-60
St John Passion SWV481 & Motet-passion SWV56-60',
recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 9th & 10th October 1993 [Recommended by the magazine 'Rekoodo geijutsu/ The art of recorded music July 1994'] The excellent performance revives Schütz's profound spirituality in his later years.

Live recording
(Sorry - sold out)

'Tamashii no hibiki/
The Selection of Osaka Collegium Musicum',
  • Die sieben Worte Jesu Christi am Kreuz:Introitus/ Jesus Christ's seven phrases on the cross:Introit
  • Concerto Grosso Op.6-5 D-Dur/ D major: 1. Larghetto e spiccato, 5. Allegro
  • Psalm 109 'Dixit Dominus': Judicabit - Conquassabit, Gloria Patri/ Psalm 110 'The Lord says to my Lord': He will judge nations - Crushing the rulers, Glory to the Father
  • Motet 'Jesu meine Freude': 1. Jesu meine Freude, 2. Es ist nun nichts/ Motet 'Jesus, my joy': 1. Jesus, my joy, 2. There is now no condemnation
  • Requiem(R.Landon edition):Introitus, Kyrie, Dies irae/ Introit, Lord have mercy upon us, The days of fury
  • Ave verum corpus/ Hail to the true body
  • Missa in c-moll: Kyrie, Jesu Christe - Cum sancto Spiritu/ Missa in C minor: Lord have mercy upon us, O Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit
  • Die Jahreszeiten: Der Frühling: 1. Einleitung und Recitativ - 2. Chor/ The seasons: Spring: 1. Introit and Recitative - 2. Chorus
  • Ein deutsches Requiem: 2. Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras/ German Requiem: 2. Then all the flesh is like grass
  • Quatre Motets pour le temps de Noel: 2. Quem vidistis pastores dicite/Four motets for Christmas: 2. Shepherds, tell us what you saw
  • Ave verum corpus/ Hail to the true body (Women's chorus)
  • Sakkaa ni yosete/ In praise of football (Men's chorus)
Live recording
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'Shibata Minao sono hibiki 1/
The Sound of Minao Shibata's Work Vol.1',
containing 'Utagaki/ Musical dance', recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 12th November 1995, and 'Ningen to shi/ Human and Death', recorded at Asahi Hall, Hamarikyu on 27th May 1995. [Recognised as the Specially Recommended Disc in the category of modern music in the magazine 'Rekoodo geijutsu/ The art of recorded music September 1996'] 'What is a human?' - Minao shibata inquires the great question using his music.

Live recording
Price ¥2,381

'Shibata Minao sono hibiki 2/
The sound of Minao Shibata's work Vol.2',
containing 'Oiwakebushikoo/ The study of Oiwake tunes', 'Uchuu ni tsuite/ Cosmology' and 'Fuyu no uta/ The song of winter', recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 12th November 1995 (Oiwakebushikoo) and 5th May 1996 (the others) [Recognised as the Specially Recommended Disc in the category of modern music in the magazine 'Rekoodo geijutsu/ The art of recorded music']

Live recording
Price ¥2,381

'Toru Takemitsu/ Uta & Kaze no uma/
Wind horse & Songs',
including 'Uta/ Songs (the complete pieces)', recorded at Kyoto Prefectural Hall 'ALTI' on 28th July 1996, and 'Kaze no uma/ Wind horse', recorded at Casals Hall on 23rd November 1996 Takemitsu's 'Songs' now takes wing by the fully spirited chorus!

Live recording
Price ¥2,381

'H.Schütz/ Cantiones Sacrae/
Sacred songs SVW53-93',
recorded at Kyoto Prefectual Hall 'ALTI' on 8th and 9th March 1997
H.Schütz, who layed the foundation of German baroque, living through the age of the convulsion, his severe but dramatic world is brought back now!

Live recording
Price ¥3,900 (2 Disks)

The latest DVD of Collegium Musicum, Osaka

'Shibata Minao/ Utagaki, Uchuu ni tsuite & Oiwakebushikoo/
Minao Shibata / Musical dance, Cosmology & The study of Oiwake tunes',
recorded at Kyoto Prefectual Hall 'ALTI'

Live recording
Price ¥2,000

(English version - translated by Naruhiko Harada)